Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To opt-in or not to opt-in?

A typical day in the life of an email inbox reveals personal email, business email, subscription based newsletters and the dreaded spam. If you’re the one sending out that newsletter, how do you make sure it’s not being sent to the virtual round file, otherwise known as the spam or bulk mail folder?

One way to improve the chances that your newsletter is actually seen by human eyeballs is to ask your customers to opt-in or even double opt-in to receive your messages. Single opt-in policies ask subscribers for permission to send email communication to a particular email address.

In the double opt-in scenario, you are not only asking for permission, but also confirmation that the email address in question does wish to receive email from a certain company. For example, you visit a company’s website and give them permission by subscribing to a newsletter. Shortly thereafter, the given email address receives a brief message asking the subscriber to again confirm their desire to receive emails. After permission has been confirmed this second time, the company will begin sending emails.

Yes, asking customers to opt-in will take more time. However, your chances of escaping the spam filter and arriving shiny and new in the inbox will improve greatly.

For more information on email marketing policies from two companies who should know, ExactTarget and Constant Contact, visit the following pages.

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