Sunday, October 19, 2008

Creating, collecting, and maintaining a quality customer list

In an ideal world, we would all have industry-specific software tracking each and every minute detail of our business and our customers. If you don’t have that luxury, there’s still a lot that a small business owner can do to keep better tabs on their clients.

We’ve all seen those fish bowls sitting in the front of restaurants and shops asking for your business card in return for a chance at winning a prize. Giving away a prize is minimal compared to what that business is gaining: an inside look at their customers. Most business cards contain enough information that one can ascertain the industry, skill level, location, and sometimes even the education level of that customer.

After sifting through all those business cards, one might discover that a large segment of their customers are coming from people at a professional building one block away. The business owner may then target a different professional building two blocks away, trying to entice those customers to try out their business. You can also use those business cards to create a postal mail list or an e-mail marketing list using a service like Your Mailing List Provider or Constant Contact.

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