Friday, July 10, 2009

Five Tips to Make the Most of Your Business Cards

Business cards are an affordable way to keep your business "top of mind" when meeting new people. Here are some ways to make sure your business card stands out from the rest:

1) Have it professionally designed. An attractive, well-designed business card speaks volumes about you and your business. So does a cheaply-made online template version.

2) Your card's look should be consistent with your other print materials. As an extension of your brand, or your business's personality, your business card should include your logo, your colors and any other common elements that visually depict what your company is about.

3) Spend the extra money to have a glossy coating put on the card. Some companies offer this at no extra charge, but even if it costs you a few extra bucks, the smooth finish is worth it. It adds a professional touch you won't find on everyone's card.

4) Use the back of the card. When I redid my cards earlier this year, I added a list of my services to the back of the card. That way when I meet someone knew, he or she doesn't have to remember what I do. They can refer to the back of the card for some of my more popular services.

5) Give everyone two copies of your card, one to keep and one to share with a friend or colleague.

Use these five tips when creating your next business card to ensure that your card is one that gets saved!

Virtually Yourz,
Dana Neuts

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