Sunday, March 1, 2009

What are your marketing challenges?

Marketing and PR are great vehicles for small businesses, particularly in a difficult economy where a consistent marketing presence is more important than ever. The challenge, however, is having enough time, money and manpower to market to your target audience consistently and effectively.

I want to help you hit that challenge head on; I am working with Kirk Davis at Green River Community College to put together some very specific marketing "how to" workshops that can help you to grow or sustain your business, even during troubled times.

To provide content that is most useful to businesses like yours, I'd love to get your input.

1) What marketing challenges do you face as a small business owner? (e.g., limited time or money, lack of knowledge, lack of manpower, etc.)

2) What marketing tools (e.g., e-mail marketing, press releases, event promotion, etc.) would you like to learn more about?

3) Do you use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Biznik? Would you like to learn how to use these tools to increase your social capital?

4) What marketing ideas or tools would you implement on your own if you just knew how?

5) Do you have a marketing plan? Do you update and adapt that plan as needed?

Please e-mail your replies to me at or call me at 360-920-1737. I value your input and will keep your replies confidential.

Thank you and may you and your business be prosperous in 2009!

Virtually Yourz,
Dana Neuts

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