Friday, March 20, 2009

Create a plan, draw yourself a map - Part 1

Think back to how you felt about your progress at the close of the year; were you happy, indifferent or disappointed? Did you meet your goals? Did you make any goals?

It’s easy to have vague, haphazard goals that never get met, especially when they exist only in the dark, forgotten corners of your mind. Why not consider making a plan for this year? Yes, it’s already nearly second quarter – who cares? Just like it’s never too late to quit a bad habit, it’s never too late to get it together and make a plan.

Start simply by making a short list of specific, measurable goals. Next choose one of those goals and think backward about how you will get there. Continue with each goal until you’ve created a path to your desired success. Be sure to consider factors like your busy times of the year and set deadlines.

Here’s an example for a small business owner:

1. Make a short list of goals.
a. Increase number of subscribers to company newsletter by 10%.
b. Create targeted advertising campaign for remainder of 2009.
c. Cut operating costs by 15%.

- continued in part 2 to be posted March 23, 2009-

Virtually Yourz,
Dana Neuts

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