Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Attracting New Business Through Article Writing

How do you attract new business? A very popular method is writing and distributing online articles, which not only help you establish your online presence, but further cement your expertise within your field. However, it is not enough to simply publish an article with popular keywords. Your article must lure the reader away from similar articles in their search engine results and keep them fixated through the resource box, where they will be directed to your website.

1. Use a catchy title. Captivate the reader with an informative or exciting title. If you were choosing a link among the many Google search results, would you be more likely to read an article entitled “Advanced Golf” or “How to Golf Like a Pro in 4 Visits to the Links”?

2. Write as the expert. If you are the owner of an Interior Design business, do not write about computer motherboards or popular diets. Write about what you know: preferred fabrics for the bedroom or living room, new finishes of paint, current home decorating trends, or flooring alternatives.

3. Maximize the resource box. Unless you would like your article to read like sales copy, do not include any promotional information within the body of the article. Instead, utilize the resource box to its fullest potential. Include your name, company’s name, a brief statement regarding your expertise, and your contact information, including relevant URLs, email and phone numbers.

4. Issue a call to action. Motivate your potential client to action by providing a FREE estimate, newsletter, ebook, tips, or consultation. Your reader found your article due to a targeted internet search, but it is up to you to close the deal!

If writing articles is a part of your marketing plan, ensure that the articles that you write properly reveal the person behind the article, leading to new client relationships.

Virtually Yourz,
Dana Neuts

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